Baby Pineapple on Board!

Posted by Cheryl on 1/31/2016
Baby Pineapple on Board!
There is a cutsey tootsie headed our way! 

Hey there!  

Well, I think it's safe to say...I am about to burst with excitement! Someone at The Posh Pineapple is pregnant! Hello - it's not me. (Actually, that last statement deserves an exclamation point!)

A couple of months ago, I noticed Megan yawn at work. I "caught" the yawn, which was why I noticed it. It was only a yawn, no big deal. 

The next day, I had totally forgotten about the yawn. And again...more yawning from Megan. I figured she had probably been up in the night with her adorable 5 year old. I asked her if she was getting enough sleep and she told me she was "just tired". I had a little "ah hah" go off in my head. But yawning...tired...ok...no big deal.

Then there were a couple more subtle signs...I whispered to Marnie, "I think Megan is pregnant!" Marnie looked at me like I was crazy. "What? Why?" I filled her in.

A few weeks later, the doctor confirmed it. A baby pineapple is on the way! This will be the first time The Posh has been blessed with a baby pineapple! So exciting! 

Megan, her husband and her little boy are thrilled with the news! The baby is due in July and the Posh family will enjoy watching Megan's belly and family grow. 

So, next time you're downtown, come in and congratulate the new mommy-to-be!

Have a blessed week,


PS - Stay tuned for the gender reveal!


Date 1/31/2016
Judy Osborn
Wow, you startled me at first Ms. Cheryl, I thought it was you! Wouldn't that be a surprise!!!
Date 1/31/2016
A blessing from above = a baby pineapple! You guys crack me up. Love to all.
Date 1/31/2016
Laura D'Alvarez
We are very excited about our baby pineapple! They are very blessed with a beautiful pineapple family.

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